Return to Hommlet

Each of your characters have spent the last 9-12 month’s in Hommlet. For Almost one year The Adventuring Companions have been missing.

There faithful goblin servant HugHug the acting Steward of Hommlet with his zealot jihad devoted to keeping The Adventuring Companions ideals of equality with in the territory monster sanctuary keeps a vigilant eye over the lands.

Thain Graniteforge has infiltrated the Church of Saint Cuthbert and cast out their false idol and raising up the one true god Lathander in his place.

What Does This Mean To You?

  1. You get 1 magic item that a character you played in Temple of Elemental Evil to start.
  2. One page background on your life/times and why your working together.
    a. Are you working for HugHug?
    b. Are you looking the the lost Adventuring Companions?
    c. Have you worked for Thrommel
  3. This is not Return to The Temple of Elemental Evil
  4. If you are Evil it has to be a playable Evil.
    a. This adventure is mostly about vanquishing evil NOT Joining it!
    b. Wright your self into a corner if you have to and stick with you friends evil or not. i.e. Lawful Evil.

D&D 5th: Brotherhood of the Bloody Lash

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